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LEADERS – "Passionate About the Hotel Industry - An Interview with Jody Merl"
Hotel Interactive – "Hotels Can Use Barter to Fill Unsold Rooms While Marketing Their Property"
Hotel Business Review – "How Do Hotel Sales & Marketing Directors Fill Those Last Available Rooms?"
Hotel Online – "Hospitality Experts Declare Unsold Rooms the Industry’s Most Valuable, Untapped Asset" [pdf version]
Lodging Magazine – "Trade Bait - Hotels Can Maximize the Value of Unsold Rooms"
Barter News – "ITM Hospitality Fund Creator Using Barter To Help Those In Need" [pdf version]
4Hoteliers.com – "Boosting Your Budget with Barter" [pdf version]
Hotel Interactive – "Angel in the Hallways" [pdf version]
in the Hotel Industry” [pdf version]
Morristown Daily Record – “Parsippany Firm Specializes in Barter Advertising”
NY1 – “ITM Hospitality Fund Founders Named New Yorkers of the Week” [pdf version]

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