Unique media relationships bring added value
ITM offers their clients a competitive advantage. ITM’s professional media buying department delivers strategic advertising plans at the most efficient costs to meet specific goals and budgets. Clients receive targeted advertising placements with value-added promotions, as well as current information on industry media trends.

ITM’s media capabilities include:
Online Advertising • E-mail Blasts • Newsletter Sponsorships • Programmatic Search Engine Placement • Mobile • Social Media

National, Regional, and International Print
Consumer Magazines • Newspapers • Inflights
Trade Publications • Insert Programs

Billboards • Bus & Phone Kiosks • Transit Displays
Airport & Rail Displays • Non-Traditional • Taxi Tops & TV

Network • Spot Radio • Shadow/Metro Traffic

Network • Spot TV • Cable • Spot Cable • Streaming

Contact us now to find out how ITM can save you money for strategic advertising placements.
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